Andalusian government will use “all instruments” to go to the markets

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, said on Friday that his Government will use “all instruments” at its disposal to “reverse” the decision of the Ministry of Finance that prevents it from entering the financial markets due to non-compliance with the goals in 2018.

Moreno, who has chaired the last Governing Council of the year, held in Córdoba on an exceptional basis, has indicated at a press conference that it is a matter that has a solution if there is “will” between the parties, but if there is none, they will be located ” in front “of the Ministry of Finance before a decision” harmful to the Andalusians. “

The head of the Andalusian Executive has explained that they had no record of the second letter of the Ministry, in which the Board is warned that it cannot make the FLA compatible with the exit to the markets, and during the press conference the vice president, Juan Marín has intervened to announce that he had just arrived by email.

Despite this, the Andalusian government will do “everything possible” to issue debt in the financial markets, Marín said.

Moreno has indicated that the Board does not reject any of the possibilities offered by the loan framework, be it the Financial Facility Fund, the FLA, which has “a guardianship, an intervention”, or the exit to the markets.

He has called on the minister, María Jesús Montero, to allow them to make the mechanisms compatible and recalled that the PP supported him “coherently” when he was in the opposition in 2017 and the Andalusian, socialist government asked for it in Parliament.

He has requested the convening of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) and reminded Montero that “nothing happens to pick up a telephone” and speak with the Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo, with the vice president or with himself, since He believes that conversation could have resolved this issue.

She has considered that there has been no “weighting, balance or common sense” and has regretted that the Government of PP and Cs is charged with a “budgetary responsibility” of the minister herself during her time as counselor and former president Susana Díaz.

On the adjustment plan that is required, Moreno has argued that the function is fulfilled by the 2020 budget that has been approved.


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