Andalusian children are 10, but not their government

Andalusian children are 10, but not their government

The deputy secretary of Social Action of the PP, Isabel García Tejerina, today nuanced his words on education in Andalusia and stressed that "Andalusian children and teachers are 10", but the educational management of 40 years of socialist governments is "absolutely ineffective".

Speaking to reporters in Congress, Tejerina has assured that at no time has he questioned the Andalusians when in an interview he expressed concern about "the deterioration of education" in Spain, since in Andalusia a "ten-year-old child knows what one of eight in Castilla y León. "

A few words that has questioned the president of the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel Moreno, who has said he does not share what was said by the former minister.

"I agree with Juanma Moreno: Andalusian children are ten and Andalusian teachers are ten," said Tejerina, who has specified that both coincide in the "mismanagement" of the PSOE.

Tejerina has pointed out that the "enormous" talent of the Andalusians and the wealth of their land should not be confused with the policy carried out for 40 years by the Socialists in Andalusia.

He stressed that the PISA report, which evaluates the education systems of all countries, places autonomous communities governed by the PP among the first, while in Andalusia are "the worst data."

In his opinion, "the easy thing is to hide the inefficiency," he added in response to the Andalusian President, Susana Diaz, who has considered an "insult" and a "disdain" to the Andalusian statements of the leader of the PP.

He has accused Diaz of becoming the "victim" and has stressed that "things do not happen by chance".

"The problem lies in 40 years of inefficient management of the PSOE that diverts training funds to undesirable things," he insisted.


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