Andalusia will do COVID test for teachers "as many times as necessary"

The President of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, has assured that teachers will be given a COVID-19 test "as many times as necessary" in addition to those already planned for the start of the course, and has opened the door to they can also do students and other employees of these centers.

Moreno explained in plenary session of Parliament, in response to the leader of Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, that the action will be set by the Ministry of Health, who will say "at all times" when the tests are done to the teachers, "but also even to the students or to any center worker ".

He has guaranteed that Andalusia is "prepared to do a face-to-face course", since he has assured that it is what the parents are demanding, and he has stressed that to face the "enormous difficulty" that the pandemic supposes it is made "an economic and material effort like it had never been done "in this community.

He said that the plan to return to the classrooms is "serious and rigorous", with 6,300 professionals who will join those who are hired each year for substitutions and withdrawals, who will be "fundamental", as well as more cleaning and staffing staff. material such as masks, gels or partitions.

He explained that the plan has come out "nine days after" the start of the course with a mobilization of 600 million self-financed by the Board, which has contrasted other communities that are "waiting" for the central executive to determine the funds.

Moreno, who has assured that the plan has been discussed "with many sectors", has alluded to the "lunges" of the government of the nation and has assured that "it has been very difficult to follow the guidelines."

For his part, Rodríguez has denounced that the Board's plan "suffers from a lack of consensus", since he has considered that parent organizations and unions have not been heard.

"Making decisions without listening to those who have been alone during these months is a waste and a scorn," added Rodríguez, who also complained that the reinforcement of 6,300 teachers will only mean one per center, which does not allow the ratio to be lowered. .


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