July 15, 2020

Andalusia maintains ten outbreaks that exceed two hundred infected

Andalusia records the same ten outbreaks this Monday as yesterday, but adds 27 more infections, so the figure rises to a total of 205 infected, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health.

The Malaga capital maintains the largest outbreak recorded to date in Andalusia, with 103 affected, thirteen more than yesterday, in a Red Cross reception center, which is under investigation.

The last outbreak located in Casabermeja (Málaga) -belongs to the Axarquía health district but is in the Antequera region-, adds a new infection and there are seven in total.

Granada accumulates five outbreaks of coronavirus, with 58 affected, of which the only one in the capital, in the control phase, adds ten more, until reaching 24.

The other four, in the metropolitan area of ​​Granada, add three more cases, two in one and one in another.

The other three outbreaks detected in Andalusia remain the same infected and have been located in Campo de Gibraltar, with 23 infected; in Lepe (Huelva), with ten infected, and in the Levante-Alto Almanzora district of Almería, where four people are affected.

These three outbreaks are considered controlled, because the contact study has been completed and all suspects have been tested according to protocols, and they have not registered any increase in those affected in the last twenty-four hours.

Currently there are 45 confirmed patients with COVID-19 who are admitted to Andalusian hospitals, one more than yesterday, and twelve are in the ICU, so the figure remains.

In the last twenty-four hours there has been no new death, so the total number of deaths accounted for in the autonomous community has remained at 1,438 since the pandemic began.

The number of new cases confirmed with PCR tests since yesterday is 32, which brings the total of infected persons to 13,115, according to data from the Andalusian Government, which states that there are 15,387 cured, one more than yesterday.


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