Andalusia claims massively more real equality of women

The demonstrations held on Sunday in different cities of Andalusia on the occasion of International Women's Day have once again claimed massively more real equality of women, and in them social and union groups have participated together with political parties and two ministers.

The demonstrations, with a majority of women, have developed in a vindictive and festive tone, with the presence of batucadas or even some chirigotas of Cádiz who rush this weekend the "Chiquito Carnival" or "Carnival of the jartibles", the continuation from the Cádiz party.

Two socialist ministers have participated in the demonstrations, the Treasury, Marías Jesús Montero, in Seville, and the Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, in Cádiz.

During the morning there have been five demonstrations in Andalusian capitals (Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Jaén and Sevilla), and this afternoon they have been convened in Málaga, Almería and Huelva, and in the one of the Andalusian capital, the Feminist Movement has estimated at 80,000 attendees compared to 130,000 last year.


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