Andalusia accuses former Socialist government of excluding 500,000 patients from waiting lists | Society

The Junta de Andalucía has accused the previous Socialist government of excluding 506,408 patients from the surgical waiting lists and specialized consultations to "make up" the data and thus offer better health management. If the Socialist Executive communicated last June to the Ministry of Health that there were 337,130 patients waiting to be operated or attended by a specialist doctor, this Tuesday the figure has risen to 843,538 patients. "We have detected a great deception in the waiting lists, they are more than double (...) the Andalusians have been lied to (...) it is a scandal and the lists have been drawn up in a tortuous manner", criticized the Minister of Health and Families , Jesús Aguirre, this Tuesday.

The key is in the official count of patients, who in the surgical waiting list, for example, excluded all patients from hospitals of private companies arranged with the Andalusian Health Service and all those with ailments that were not guaranteed by decree (180, 120 and 90 days), according to the Government (PP and Citizens). As a result of this decision, if the patients who had been waiting for surgery for more than a year were June 6,475, today there are 30,348, almost five times more. And the average delay of days to be intervened has gone from 74 days to 208, when in Spain the average delay is 93 days.

The PSOE has denied the largest. "It is absolutely impossible and unfeasible for the Andalusian health system to hide data from the national system. It is completely impossible because it is completely illegal, "said the delegate of socialist universities and ex-counsel Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, who has hinted that the Board's subsequent intention is to privatize the waiting lists. The spokesman of the Board, Elías Bendodo, has said that when they clarify the responsibilities of this "deception", they will denounce the case before the court.

To alleviate this sudden growth of waiting lists according to official figures, the Board has announced a plan of shock with 25 million focused on 10 hospitals that account for 75% of the waiting lists, to multiply interventions in operating rooms in the afternoon , on weekends and refer more patients to concerted health.

The Andalusians are the ones who value the health status of the 17 Autonomous Communities worst, with 59.7% of respondents who believe that health is good or needs some changes, according to the latest Health Barometer published by the Ministry of Health.


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