And why doesn't the Canarian PSOE file María Jesús Montero?

And why doesn't the Canarian PSOE file María Jesús Montero?

Darias, upon arriving at the auditorium, together with Hidalgo and Saavedra. / Juan Carlos Alonso

The Minister of Finance put emotion in an act in which the PSOE feared 'poking': there were only seats for 210 people. and it was not filled

The one this Saturday was not a rally but as if it were. Neither was the assistance of
Alberto Núñez Feijóo at the start of the convention that the Popular Party was invented in the Canary Islands last month and no one disputes that the event in Infecar was a full-fledged rally.

For this very reason, and with that background close in time, it was surprising that the
PSOE Gran Canaria risk practically nothing in the act organized to announce the candidacy of
Caroline Darias to the primaries to be the candidate for mayor of the capital of Gran Canaria.

One fact is revealing of this conservatism of the socialist plumbing: they chose the Alegranza Hall of the Alfredo Kraus auditorium and
they enabled 210 chairsa capacity that was not fully covered.

Even more: the tone of the interventions did not help to arouse enthusiasm. Perhaps because the day had dawned cloudy and windy, perhaps because it was early for a Saturday -ten in the morning- or perhaps because there was no margin for surprise: it had been an open secret for months that Carolina Darias will be number one in the City hall. In fact, perhaps the only person inside and outside the party who didn't find out in time was
Immaculate Medina, who did bite the bullet and came smiling to the event.

Juan Carlos Alonso

The truth is that the rally only came down emotionally when he went up to the rostrum
Maria Jesus Montero. The Minister of Finance is blamed by her critics for being a populist, that she has no room for self-criticism... but if it was about encouraging those present, no one like her, who not only praised the figure of Carolina Darias, but also that he distributed left and right. Actually, right-handed, because she took the minister for a walk with her left backhand, like a WTA Top 10 tennis player, and hit hard against the Popular Party.

The minister demonstrated tables: she knew how to swim and put away her clothes

He even winked at
We can but without mentioning it. He did it to defend the yes is yes law, but tiptoeing over the controversy surrounding sentence reductions and avoiding clarifying whether there will finally be a legislative change. There he demonstrated boards: he knew how to swim and put away his clothes.

Having seen what has been seen, it is worth asking why the PSOE does not file Montero as a candidate. It does not matter for which list: it is the same for a tear as for a ripped one. And it also presumes that those from the "south" have already made themselves heard in a Spain that historically marginalized them. That it is a new variant of nationalism. By the way, when you started on the "southern" people, it sounded like an old hit.
Raffaella Carra, but luckily the shots did not go that way.

What did Franquis, Torres, Hidalgo, Darias or Montero say about the free vouchers for buses, thanks to a socialist concession to
Canarian Coalition, Or the mess that transport companies are now facing the increase in demand that is expected? Well nothing.

And it will not be because they do not have competence in the matter: one is a Minister of Transport and interlocutor with Madrid for that matter; the other is president of the Canary Islands and has a direct link with the minister who approves the budget adjustments; the third sends in
Municipal buses and in the Cabildo it would be up to him to order from the sole transportation authority; the fourth aspires to govern in the capital of Gran Canaria from May 2023 and Montero, in addition to having the key to the safe with state money, knows how CC spends it, for that he had to listen to what Ana Oramas said that if he wanted to deceive someone with his demagogy, he should go to the Sevillian neighborhood of Tres Mil Viviendas.

But this is what it is: the pre-campaign is already here, the two CC votes in the Sánchez Congress are considered good in exchange for an inconsistency and the PSOE moves quickly.

Not like the PP, which continues with the selection of personnel...