July 11, 2020

And on the third day, the priests became “youtubers”

Pedro Pablo celebrated the mass for the last time more than a week ago, “it was Saturday morning,” he recalls. But the order of suppress the cult It made him rethink how to address his faithful. «It was a complete puzzle, so a colleague who is younger, I am 59 years old and he was 31, suggested the idea of ​​opening a YouTube channel. For me it was a world totally unknown, but if it was the only way to maintain the cult, there was no other way to try it, “explains this priest at the head of the Church The Assumption of Our Lady, in Madrid. He was researching the best way to do it and analyzing material needs. «It is all very rudimentary, we started to broadcast on Tuesday and the first problem we encountered was that the wifi did not arrive to the altar area, so we had to do it from another small chapel where the signal did come well, “he says. They placed the laptop on a chair and it is on a table to get a good frame.

«The first day I was a little blocked before starting, I have never done that. They told me that he was too rigid, that he did not look at the camera and that he spoke very softly. I have learned from the advice and, hey, now I look more loose, that does not mean that I am going to become a television star now, “he laughs. The mass, as well as the other videos that he uploads little by little to his channel (Asuncion Parish) are made by two of the four priests who live in the parish house, and the other two are those who broadcast the mass.

“What this situation of confinement has taught us is that we must always have a camera on hand to be able to broadcast at any time,” says Pedro Pablo. Although there have been two days that the direct online did not work, he claims that they recorded it and that they later uploaded it to the network. “And we have also bought an Amazon cable for the connection that apparently is better, I am becoming an expert in the field,” he jokes.

Every day, his channel adds more followers, especially with the “bocaoreja”, and he is already preparing new chapters to accompany the broadcasts of the mass. Although as he says, «With a person seeing me all this we do would be useful ”. Pablo de Haro, pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption of Móstoles, who is also making his first steps as a “youtuber”, forced by circumstances. “This is a precious opportunity that presents itself to us to live communion with the members of the parish. I started broadcasting on the 16th and sent a message to the parish to tell them that they could connect. In a way it is a way to rediscover the Eucharist, “says this 57-year-old priest who gets excited as he relates his experience.

“Express” orders

He says not to be aware of the “followers”, because for the audience it does not matter: “If there is one, I am satisfied. For me, it’s a sacrifice having to put myself in front of a camera, but even my image I give to the Lord ». The five minutes prior to entering his faithfuls’ house live admits that they are distressing, “but then everything happens and I don’t feel alone, strange yes, but never alone.” What motivates him most are the messages he receives from sick and hospitalized people who ask you to pray for them. Even relatives of the deceased.

Those messages are also what have prompted Francisco del Pozo, pastor of Madrid Our Lady Peace, to enter the virtual world. “When I receive a message from one of the people who always comes to mass and tells me everything that our broadcast helps them with, it is an enormous emotion,” he confesses. In fact, he has also decided to take the worship images of the temple to the street during the day so that those who go to the pharmacy or the supermarket can make a stop, if they want at the door of the church to pray. «Who was going to tell me that I was going to become ‘‘ youtuber ’’, I have never been a good friend of social networks and things like that, but if people feel accompanied, I will not hesitate to continue doing it, “he points out.

He has also developed a kitchen section on the same platform and thus, he and the other three priests with whom he lives, develop recipes and culinary advice. «It is all very rudimentary, we recorded it with the laptop camera and we asked for a microphone to amazon to make the sound better. We arrived the other day and the truth is that you can tell the difference », he says. About 250 people connect to his channel to listen to mass, but then “many others delayed” see it. “We do not do something of great quality, it is not HD, but the important thing is connect with those who need it», Sentence.


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