April 19, 2021

And Benzema won Morata

And Benzema won Morata

In December 2010, Morata debuted in an official match with Real Madrid at La Romareda. He jumped two minutes to the field, for Di Maria. The owner of that meeting was Benzema, but he had been replaced before by Granero. Ten days later, Morata, who was only 18 years old, played his second game, in Copa, and made his debut doing something he would do much later: replace Karim.

Morata had always called attention in the white quarry for his scoring and work ability. Before it had been in the subsidiaries of Atlético. "The first time I see him is when he tries on Cotorruelo. The director was Víctor Peligros, he was with Manuel Briñas, and I went over there a little, to see how the tests were going, and they told me about Morata: "Look at this boy". We stayed to see him. It attracted attention because it was quite effective face to door and pulled good unchecks. He had good individual technique. It was alevín. He came from the school team, "he recalled to Efe Armando de la Morena, his coach later in the athletic cadet.

However, the name that has most marked the career of the Spanish forward may be Karim Benzema. And today, more than a pending account with Real Madrid, Morata has an account with the striker who from the beginning closed the door on the tip of attack.

The hemeroteca is implacable with all and what was said years ago is disfigured by the present. Because situations change and therefore opinions also do. Just two years ago, some Madridistas thought that Morata had to be a starter ahead of Karim Benzema, because he scored more goals and because the French was going through one of those blackout stages that so desperate part of the Bernabéu stands. That part that before had bet by Higuaín so that it was forward before Benzema and that when Mariano arrived it thought that it could make shade to the Frenchman. There was no way.

It is true that Morata tried more than anyone. He went to Juventus to win a hierarchy and change the adjective of canterano to that of a confirmed player. That's why, when he returned two years later, in 2016, he thought he could compete with Benzema without any problem. It seemed that he did and started playing, but on the fourth day, against Espanyol, Morata jumped into the field … to replace the Frenchman. The whole life thing. Had lost.

«Benzema is in a fantastic moment», said yesterday Simeone, who today relies on Morata to overcome Karim.


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