Ancelotti: "The Vinicius thing does not affect the locker room or him"

Carlo Ancelotti, during the press conference. / Photo: Rodrigo Jiménez (Efe) | Video: Atlas

Matchday 6

The Real Madrid coach tries to play down the controversy generated about the Brazilian on the eve of the capital derby

Of the fourteen questions Carlo Ancelotti had to answer at the press conference prior to the duel between Real Madrid and Atlético at the Metropolitano, six dealt with the controversy unleashed around the way Vinicius celebrates his goals and recent scuffles he has had with his rivals. And, as was more than expected, the Italian coach tried to play down the matter so that the ball does not get even bigger. «I can assure you that it does not affect the locker room or Vinicius. It is a subject that we do not touch. Usually, in a locker room they talk about football, ”said the transalpine.

“Nothing is happening to me. He is playing football with the joy, quality and happiness that he has", Ancelotti pointed out about the Brazilian, who has received numerous expressions of support after being the subject of a racist comment by a television participant and who on Friday spoke on their social networks making it clear that the xenophobic notes will not change their way of being. «In Spain I do not see this form of racism. I keep the club's statement and the Vinicius statement. The player is fine, wanting to play this game and try to help the team win the game, "said Ancelotti on an issue that makes the capital derby even more volcanic.

The Real Madrid coach assured that he is not worried about the escalation of tension. "I'm not worried because we're going to play a football match at a rival field and it's normal for the Atlético fans, whom I respect a lot, to support their team. The concern we have is that we play against a strong rival and we think about how to beat them », said Ancelotti, who clarified that he has not given any advice to Vinicius. “No, because I am not his father or his brother. I'm just a coach », he influenced.


Beyond the runrún about Vinicius, the Real Madrid coach hid his cards about who will officiate as nine in the absence of Benzema, who still does not train with the group. «I have the idea for tomorrow, but I don't say it. Benzema is not for the game. He has started to work individually and will be ready after the break », he pointed out about the Lyon native, although it is foreseeable that Rodrygo will once again be assigned as the leader's offensive spearhead. The player from São Paulo, of whom the Italian already announced that he would have a greater role this season, is going through a good moment and, how could it be otherwise, Ancelotti celebrates it. "Rodrygo is gaining confidence, he has more minutes and is taking advantage of it," he commented.

He stressed that Militao, who missed the last few games due to injury, will be available for the derby, although he avoided confirming whether the Brazilian central defender will start or enter as the match progresses. «He is ready to play because he has trained well. It may be that he plays from the beginning or that he plays a part of the match. It is a doubt that I have because there are more than eleven among which I can choose », he limited.

The fatigue strategy

He predicted a "competitive" match at the Metropolitano and wanted to make it clear that, whatever happens at the rojiblanco venue, there will be "nothing definitive", given the heights of the course at which we find ourselves. He praised the mattress counterpart of him. «The connection between Simeone, the players and the club is very close and a large part of the success is due to this. Simeone is capable of building a very strong relationship with the players, who give everything for the club and for him," he said of the Argentine coach. “If Atlético has been fighting in Spain and in Europe for a long time, it is largely because of Simeone,” he added when asked about the way in which the Buenos Aires native is managing the Griezmann case.

Lastly, he ironized when he was questioned about the different faces that Real Madrid shows in the two halves of the matches. “We have a strategy called the fatigue strategy. We let believe that we are tired and in the second part, we took advantage », he closed with a smile on his face.

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