Ancelotti: "I couldn't ask for more from this team"

Ancelotti hugs Kroos after the derby at the Metropolitano. / JJ Guillen (Efe)

Matchday 6

The Real Madrid coach praises Rodrygo and Valverde, defends Vinicius and accepts without controversy Simeone's poisoned compliment

Oscar Bellot

Carlo Ancelotti left very satisfied with the
Real Madrid victory in the Metropolitan. Although he acknowledged that the Whites lacked a bit of ambition in the second half to widen the gap and avoid the final scare against Atlético, the Italian boasted of a well-crafted victory that allowed the leader to reach the break without a single blemish on your service record. «Very happy after winning the derby, very happy, obviously. We had a double advantage at 0-2 and we knew how to defend well. The idea was to be well back and play vertically with balls between the lines. That's how the two goals came and we accepted that with the 0-2, it was time to defend, that that was enough", analyzed the coach, who stressed that they could have pressed "a little higher" so that the rival did not endanger the loot .

He praised the performance of Rodrygo, scorer of the goal that put Real Madrid on track for victory and the most outstanding man of the match as a false nine. «He is intelligent, he knows how to stand out very well and has plenty of quality. His goal was fantastic. Because of the quality that he has, he can play in any position. He is not used to playing inside, but he is so smart that he learns quickly », he said about the player from São Paulo. He also applauded Valverde, the other Whites' scorer of the night. "He allows us, sometimes from the band and others from the middle, to increase the intensity," he explained about the Uruguayan, who is increasingly decisive in the rival's area.

Regarding Vinicius, in the eye of the hurricane during the match at the Metropolitano as he was throughout the week, he defended his way of expressing himself on the field, after the carioca tried a lambreta with 0-2 for his equipment. «I think it was not the team's moment of difficulty and that ball could be handled better, but that is Vinicius. I cannot take away what he is and his talent, because that allows us to score the second goal and win this derby », he stopped.

Rodrygo and Valverde dance for Vinicius at the Metropolitano

Regarding Atlético, he warned that despite being eight points behind in the table, they are still a candidate for the League title. “For me they are a very good team. They have started with difficulties, but they will be in the fight until the end. Nothing has been decided yet, everything can change quickly. The season is going to be very particular with the World Cup and it was important for us to start like this », he pointed out.

Lastly, he took it as a compliment and not as a veiled criticism that Simeone stated that Real Madrid was effective in taking cover with a low block and then biting Atlético by going on the counterattack. “We have defended with a low block. We are used to it. It is clear that we have removed the danger of breaking their midfielders, the low block has allowed us to control well the possession and the quality of Joao Félix and Griezmann. If Simeone says that we have defended well in low block I say thank you, because I think he is a compliment », he limited.

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