Ancelotti clears balls with Mbappé: "We are excited about Vinicius and Rodrygo"

Ancelotti clears balls with Mbappé: "We are excited about Vinicius and Rodrygo"

Carlo Ancelotti, during the press conference. / Photo: Thomas Coex (Afp) | Video: Atlas

Group F | Matchday 1

"Under my arms, under my arms before this question", replied the Real Madrid coach when questioned about the information from 'L'Equipe' about the clause that would allow the star to leave PSG a year earlier than expected

The name of Kylian Mbappé floats again on the news of Real Madrid. After the newspaper 'L'Equipe' revealed that Bondy's star signed a two-year renewal with PSG plus an additional one, instead of the three that had been assumed to date, Carlo Ancelotti was asked about the matter in the preview of the duel that will measure the whites with RB Leipzig, corresponding to the second day of the Champions League group stage. And the Italian had no choice but to clear balls as he could. «I lower the arms, lower the arms before this question. I really mean it. We're excited about our attack, with the youngsters... It's true that Karim excites us a lot and that when a youngster comes out he excites much more than the other you're used to. We are very excited about what Vinicius and Rodrygo are doing. We do not think about other players, "said the coach.

The current king of Europe arrives at the match in a privileged situation, after defeating Celtic last week at home, but Ancelotti warns of the importance of the appointment with the group of the popular energy drink. “It is an important match for the classification of the group. It is a team that has had problems at the start of the season, but they did very well in the last game, against Dortmund. They have players with quality, ability, very fast... », pointed out the transalpine, who affected the offensive threat of the German team. “The front is very dangerous. Not only Werner, Nkunku is doing well and he did well last year. It is a very dangerous team when you give them the opportunity to show their qualities. The defensive aspect is going to be just as important tomorrow as the offensive," he explained.

Beyond the analysis of the Teutonic team and the question that was raised about Mbappé, the press conference had Vinicius as its protagonist, who was involved in the controversy with the players and the Mallorca coach on account of the kicks that received and the dance with which he celebrated the goal that consummated Real Madrid's comeback on the fifth round of the domestic championship. Ancelotti did not want to add more salt to the wound. «I see him as a great player, who is showing all his talent. Nothing more. We do not go into this topic. I am not deaf or stupid, I hear what is said, but it is not an issue for us or for Vinicius. Vinicius has extraordinary quality and it is quite normal for the rival to try to stop him. There is a regulation that protects all footballers, not just Vinicius », he limited. “Since last year he has improved a lot in this regard. It is clear that each one has his character and his qualities, the important thing for him is to be focused on the game and what he has to do, nothing else », he added about the Brazilian.

Capote to Asensio

Ancelotti also tried to turn the page regarding Asensio's anger at his lack of minutes, which the Balearic showed with bad gestures last Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu. «He cannot be considered a young-young man or a veteran. Right now he has to hang on, he's doing fine. The reaction to anger has been good, he trained very well yesterday and he did very well today, and this is what has to happen when a player gets angry. There are two reactions, train better or lower your arms. He has the opportunity to play tomorrow », summed up the Real Madrid coach.

He referred to Hazard, inconsequential against Mallorca in his condition of false nine. “He fulfilled what we asked of him. My personal opinion is that he did what he had to do, like the team, and that's the most important thing. Before the match against Mallorca I said that he did not ask him for goals. Without Karim we have scored seven”, defended Ancelotti, who did not rule out Benzema for this Sunday's derby at the Metropolitano. “There are possibilities, it is evolving well. Only if there is no doubt he will be able to play », he indicated.

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