Ancelotti admits that he defrauded the Treasury, but alleges that he was poorly advised

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The coach of the Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, has admitted this Friday before the judge his responsibility in an alleged tax fraud in 2014, although he has linked it to bad advice from his advisers, and has been unmarked from the accusation regarding the 2015 financial year.

The Italian coach has appeared this Friday before the magistrate court number 35 in Madrid, where he has been asked about the complaint that the Prosecutor’s Office has against him for the possible commission of two crimes against the tax authorities Public in the fiscal years of 2014 and 2015, in which, according to the thesis of the public prosecutor, 1,062,079 euros would have stopped entering the public treasury.

During the appearance, Ancelotti admitted that did not pay taxes properly for the first year, corresponding to his first stage at the head of the white club, although he has in turn justified that he was poorly advised by his collaborators, as advanced by ‘El Mundo’ and legal sources confirm to Efe. Consequently, you have shown your willingness to pay the amount claimed.

He has not done the same with regard to the accusation relating to the year 2015. Ancelotti has disagreed with the thesis of the accusation by maintaining that that year, in which he stopped training Real Madrid, had not been in Spain long enough (183 days) so that, according to the criteria of the Tax Agency, it can be considered a taxpayer of the Spanish Treasury, add the sources.

The complaint from the economic area of ​​the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that, throughout the fiscal years of 2014 and 2015, the coach “did not obtain income from his professional activity as a coach of any other sports club”, since until the 2016/17 season he did not join Bayern Munich, so “his main source of income was his relationship with Real Madrid“In those two seasons, he signed two contracts with the white club, one corresponding to his employment relationship as an employee and the other referring to the transfer of his image rights.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, “with the aim of unjustifiably evading its obligations to the public treasury,” Ancelotti excluded the income corresponding to the exploitation of his image rights, as well as those derived from its relationship with the Madrid club or those received as a result of contracts related to other brands.


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