ANAR creates a contract between parents and children to avoid the risks of the mobile

ANAR creates a contract between parents and children to avoid the risks of the mobile

The ANAR Foundation has sent parents a proposal to sign a contract with your children to avoid the risks of misuse of the telephone. With the initiative of ANAR, now the parents can have the signed commitment of the minors to, precisely, answer the calls when they do not answer.

The contract, which has been proposed by the Foundation, includes nineteen clauses among which both parties agree to keep an open communication, continue and to talk about doubts and disagreements. This document, of which ANAR clarifies that it would not be legally binding, emphasizes that legal guardians are responsible before the law for the use made by minors of these devices. In this sense, the contract establishes the consent to install a parental control, the establishment of a schedule of mobile phone use, the responsibility of the child before an activity that entails an economic expense or avoid sharing private information, among other things.

Thus, the contract warns of the risk of sending private images of other people, since it could be a crime, or own and not use the phone to harm another person in any way. According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics, almost 70% of children between ten and fifteen have a mobile phone, and from that age, the figure rises to 95%, as ANAR recalls in a statement. And the fact is that the use of these terminals entails, in addition to entertainment and communication with the environment, new risks for minors who are exposed to phenomena such as "cyberbullying", "sexting" (sending sexual, erotic or pornographic messages by mobile) or "grooming" (deceit through a false identity to a child with pedophile intentions).

To protect them from these new threats and learn to use these devices responsibly, psychologists from the Foundation have drawn up this contract. "It is necessary to schedule this time from the beginning with our son so that he can organize himself and let his friends know when they will be available. structure and self-regulate. To learn to be autonomous and manage their time well, "explained the program director of ANAR Foundation, Benajamín Ballesteros, all of these measures are aimed at promoting a" healthy and responsible "use of mobile phones, which are part of the day-to-day life of the society, and that "in no case" can replace social relations in person.

The contract is available on the Foundation's website (, which also provides a guide for parents to be "critical of themselves" and evaluate how they use the mobile phone, practices that end up imitating their children.


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