May 11, 2021

Analysis of the Ibex 35

Analysis of the Ibex 35

Our selective consolidates the 8,500 points, although it has fallen 0.31% today, in a difficult day, in which it was quite likely that the negative contagion of the United States also had a negative impact on our selective. This circumstance did not occur and we managed to isolate ourselves from the bearish movement that has taken place on the other side of the pond and we closed close to the peaks of the week.

Within our economy we highlight the good performance of the unemployment one more year, which manages to continue with its positive trend that is chaining since 2012. This circumstance makes us stay ahead in the macroeconomic level of the European economies, which also causes a reduction in the financing of Spain in the fixed income markets.

In the corporate section we mean the good performance of Acciona, Telefónica and Santander, the rise of the last two has caused the Ibex to hold up well the aforementioned levels, due to the great weighting that these two giants have within our index. The negative point was Amadeus who has not managed to dodge the massive sales that have occurred in the technology sector, promoted by the reduction of income from Apple and that has caused a generalized decline in all indices worldwide.

Jorge López, analyst at XTB


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