Analysis of stock market: 9.200, next stop of the Ibex

Analysis of stock market: 9.200, next stop of the Ibex

Bullish day within our selective that manages to take hold over the 9,000 points. The levels in which we are currently, are key to continue thinking of a greater rise, since we are in an area of ​​significant resistance that breaking it would take us to levels that we have not visited since September of last year.

The solidity of the rise is mainly based on a very good performance of the macroeconomic results, which reinforce the economic robustness of our economy. It is currently above the European average, reflecting this is the best behavior of our selective over their counterparts.

The tranquility also within the different sources of uncertainty, has caused a very good performance within global equity markets, which has also produced increases within the United States that have positively supported the rise in Europe.

At the corporate level, we should highlight the good performance of the banking sector, which continues the bullish streak that has accumulated since the beginning of the year and does not seem to resent the possible modification that seems to be foreseen in the ECB's calendar of rate hikes.


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