February 26, 2021

Anal coronavirus tests arrive in Spain

China uses anal tests to detect coronavirus

China uses anal tests to detect coronavirus

The anal tests for Conoravirus, which began to be done in China, are already being carried out in Galicia. In the Galician community, at the moment, this system is only used in the most serious patients, as reported by the CRTVG.

In China, this technique is spreading as a result of the good results it is obtaining. The tests through the rectum are considered less invasive than the nasal or through the throat, and would also be more effective, since traces of the coronavirus remain longer in the rectal tract than in the respiratory tract.

Two Chinese cities require anal testing from foreign arrivals

Chinese cities of Beijing and Qingdao have included anal evidence of the covid among the requirements for people arriving from abroad, reports the official press.

According to the state newspaper Global Times, both the capital of the country and that of the eastern province of Shandong They are demanding this new test method as part of the quarantine requirements on arrival in the country from abroad.

These tests, according to experts cited by the local media, would be more accurate than others commonly used so far, such as taking pharyngeal samples with swabs introduced through the nose, the most common for women. PCR tests, saliva or blood.

Anal tests had already been used in Shanghai (east) in early 2020 as one of the standards to authorize discharges to hospitalized covid patientsalthough after a while he put them aside.

In recent weeks, faced with the worst outbreaks since the middle of last year, some cities have rescued this method to check suspicious cases and for close contacts of infected or, as in the case of Yangzhou (east), for routine checks on cold chain workers, a sector that Beijing has in the spotlight as one of the possible responsible for the last wave of infections.

“You feel the cotton swabs being introduced to you”

One person who was given an anal test described him as “strange” in statements to the local Beijing News: “You take off your pants, you lie on the bed and feel how the cotton swabs are introduced to you in the anus twice and rotate them. It takes like 10 seconds each time. ”

On Chinese social media some users are criticizing the measure and they wonder if it is really necessary considering that the most common methods have proven to be effective.

Quoted by Global Times, the director of the Clinical Center for Public Health at Fudan University (Shanghai), Lu Hongzhou, assured that anal tests are “more stable and accurate” than those of the nose and throat, in which it is more likely to take unusable samples or give erroneous results.

According to Chinese scientists, the coronavirus disappears more quickly in these types of samples than in anal samples, which would mean that the latter would be more suitable for asymptomatic carriers or for those whose respiratory symptoms have subsided.

However, Lu clarified that the anal ‘tests’ are not applicable for bulk testing that take place in Chinese cities as soon as some cases are detected.


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