Anabel Pantoja stays! This is the place where she will make her new life in Gran Canaria

Anabel Pantoja stays!  This is the place where she will make her new life in Gran Canaria

Anabel Pantoja stays in Gran Canaria.

A little over 48 hours ago, the Sevillian confirmed what was already an open secret: their separation from Gran Canaria Omar Sanchez, better known as 'The Black'. The couple announced the end of their relationship four months after contracting marriage on the island of La Graciosaan idyllic setting for a love that was not as strong as it seemed.

In recent days, a endless news they have shaken the foundations of young people's lives. Between rumors of infidelity and lack of understanding between the couple, Anabel had to step out to put an end to the informative trickle aimed at third parties. For its part, Omar has recognized that "things happen" and has not wanted to give many more details about what has happened in the privacy of the former partner.

However, the movement that has further evidenced the separation has been the moment in which Anabel Pantoja's things left Pozo Izquierdo through a moving company. A most heartbreaking scene that was broadcast on Save me and that allowed to know that Omar was inside the house while the the exit of the belongings of the very niece.

But, where was Anabel at that time?

The love that the Sevillian has for the Canary Islands is so great that we have been able to know that Anabel Pantoja has moved and will continue to live in Gran Canaria.

Anabel's new beginning on the island

The influencer is happy in Gran Canaria and that shows because, being able to have returned to Madrid, the young woman has not wanted to part with that precious relationship she has with the island.

Having left Pozo Izquierdo behind, Anabel Pantoja's new life in Gran Canaria will take place in Arguineguínabout 32 kilometers from his first residence.

The dear collaborator of Sálvame will trust the town of Gran Canaria to put land in between and soak up the tranquility that this new change of scenery will bring you at the most convulsive moment of your life.

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