November 27, 2020

Anabel Pantoja speaks after the interview with Kiko Rivera: “I have made a decision”

Since Friday Kiko rivera sat on the set of Cantora: the poisoned inheritance, Anabel Pantoja He has not spoken on social media or on any television program. This Sunday, the niece has decided to show her opinion and has made it very clear where she is. In addition, he ensures that he has made a very important decision that he is going to make public:

“I wanted to tell you that I started reading messages, but I realized that I have received many cruel messages, insults and above all accusing me of crimes, which is the strongest. I understand that this is public, Kiko is like my brother and has my full support from the beginning, but my aunt also. So, whoever doesn’t understand it, I respect it, but it doesn’t give you the right to insult me ​​or accuse me or put me in places and times that I was not even born. Starting tomorrow I have made a decision, you are going to meet her and of course I love my family above everything and anything ”

These have been the words that Anabel Pantoja has shown through their Instagram stories And it seems that the niece is very clear about what she is going to do from now on, tomorrow we will have to be very attentive to know what that decision is.

In this way, he makes it clear that he supports his aunt so much Isabel Pantoja like his cousin Kiko Rivera and he still does not want to position himself on one side or the other, since as he has well commented throughout the week it is such a complicated issue that it can be dangerous.


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