Anabel Pantoja 'shakes' the nets with her IMPRESSIVE perched in Gran Canaria

Anabel Pantoja placeholder image It is one more canariona.

The Sevillian is happy in what she considers her adopted island, Gran Canaria, as she herself defines it in the biography of her social networks. Isabel Pantoja's niece and one of the most beloved collaborators of Save me It has been installed in the Canary Islands for a few years and the Archipelago has become his private paradise and also his refuge.

Proof of the love he feels for the Canary Islands is, for example, that the influencer do not hesitate a second celebrate your link with Omar Sánchez in La Graciosa. A wedding that brought to the Canary Island infinity of known faces and that put one of the treasures of the autonomous community in the focus of the news.

After leaving her program to finalize all the details of her wedding with the Gran Canaria, Anabel has only returned to Madrid to present her jewelry collection and to meet up with her friends but, for now, there is no return date to the afternoon space of Telecinco.

What we can see on the social networks of the 'niece' is everything she does in Gran Canaria. The young woman does not miss the opportunity to immortalize every moment lived on the island and even has chosen some of the most emblematic places of the capital as the setting for the promotional photos for their line of bags.

However, the last photograph for which Anabel Pantoja has returned to be fully topical is an impressive perched in Gran Canaria that has rocked the internet.

Christmas greeting 'a la canario'

Anabel enjoys every moment that the dream places of Gran Canaria give her and she, of course, immortalizes each image she enjoys through her eyes.

On this occasion, the young woman took the opportunity to congratulate her followers on Christmas with a spectacular posing in bikini in one of the most beautiful enclaves that Gran Canaria has, the Cercados de Espino.

Dressed in a beautiful white bikini, with an unbeatable weather and wearing an enviable figure, Isabel Pantoja's niece has not hesitated to make her followers envious while sending them her best wishes for these parties.


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