Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez have separated and she already has another partner

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez from Gran Canaria have separated and she already has another partner. It had been speculating for months and today we finally have the answer. There has been talk on television programs of a possible breakup between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez, but today we have confirmation, since the program 'Viva la vida' is this Sunday Raquel Bollo and has confirmed the news... Information that has caught our attention because just four months ago we lived his 'Yes, I want' in La Graciosa.

Raquel Bollo confirmed the news when Emma García asked her directly: information: "I saw from the beginning that it was going to be difficult, it's the same as when you see your son in his first relationship, even though he's in love, you know it's not going to work". And it is that the collaborator has not been surprised at all by the news and she has wanted to reflect naturalness.

In addition, Raquel Bollo has wanted to explain that it gave her the impression that this relationship would not work from the first moment: "Despite the fact that Anabel has been very much in love with her boyfriend... because of his way of being, he is a very good boy and her way of being, I thought it was not going to end well. When he went to Gran Canaria to live also knew that he was going to get tired".

Kiko Matamoros has also confirmed on the 'Viva la vida' program that there are third parties: "There are third parties in this case, absolutely yes, there is a third person linked to Anabel Pantoja, a man who has crossed Anabel's life and for whom she has lost her mind, because of him she has decided to break the relationship with Omar".

The collaborator has wanted to emphasize that Anabel sees him every time she comes to Madrid from Gran Canaria: "Despite the fact that the wedding took place a few months ago, in which she is already clear that their relationship is not going to go very far. Every time he comes to Madrid he sees this man and spends the night with this man".

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