Anabel Pantoja, against ‘Save me’ for some audios of her aunt: “I’m not talking about this shit”

Isabel Pantoja has returned to be the protagonist of ‘Save me’ during the afternoon of this Tuesday. The program of Telecinco has started with a ‘bait’ on some audios that would collect the supposed demands of the tonadillera to their fans. “We have the evidence that betrays you and they are very conclusive”, assured Carlota Corredera looking at the camera: “The singer has demanded a star gift for her 65th birthday”.

The presenter was accompanied on set by Anabel Pantoja, very pissed off by what was being implied about her aunt. Without hiding her anger, the collaborator answered bluntly after Corredera asked her to have an intimate conversation throughout the afternoon: “To talk about my swimsuits, my collections and my things, yes. To talk about this shit, no.”

“The birthday has not been celebrated. We are letting ourselves be carried away by some audios that our colleagues are listening to. Let’s see what they say,” he added before coming out in defense of the artist: “The woman has not left her house and has not done anything. Now she is also the worst for having asked for something. When my classmates asked me what I wanted, I told them some sneakers. Let’s see if this is bad too. ”

“It’s okay. Isabel Pantoja is evil!” the world is going upside down. ” Although he did not question the existence of the audios, he did question their veracity: “It is very different for the message to come from Isabel Pantoja than for it to arrive here through someone else.”


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