Ana Zamora, awarded the 2023 National Theater Award

Ana Zamora, awarded the 2023 National Theater Award

The theater director Ana Zamora has today obtained the National Theater Award for 2023, which is awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and is endowed with 30,000 euros. The jury has proposed granting this award to Zamora "for his recovery of medieval, Renaissance and pre-baroque Spanish theatrical heritage for more than twenty years at the helm of Nao d'amores, with excellent results and bringing it closer to the general public.” Regarding their shows, the jury has stressed that "they exude a spirituality that delves into the essence of theater." Likewise, he highlighted “his excellent research and teaching work, teaching courses and seminars around the world on said heritage and embracing musical research in his productions.”

The National Theater Award is awarded as a reward and recognition of the work of a person or entity in the theatrical field, manifested preferably through a work or performance made public or performed during the year 2023.

Ana Zamora (Madrid, 1975) has a Higher Degree in Dramatic Art, specializing in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy from RESAD (1996-2000). In 2001, she founded Nao d'amores in Segovia, collective of professionals from classical theater, puppets and ancient music, with which he has developed research and training work for the staging of pre-baroque theater. Starting in 2013, the company opens a new line of creation that also leads it to address repertoires linked to contemporary times. With Nao d'amores he has premiered fifteen shows, among which are productions that have become references of the contemporary production of classical theater in our country, establishing itself with today's society.

Aside from her work in the company, as an independent director, Zamora has staged very diverse texts, among which stand out: La fiesta de la libertad (2020) for Radio Televisión Española produced by Fundación SGAE; Carmen, by Bizet, for the Teatro de la Zarzuela (2014); Ligazón, from Valle-Inclán, in the show Avaricia, Lujuria y Muerte produced by the National Dramatic Center (2009); Tragicomedy of Don Duardos, by Gil Vicente, for the National Classical Theater Company (2006).

Likewise, he has held the positions of Assistant Director in the artistic teams of the National Classical Theater Company, under the direction of Eduardo Vasco (2005-2006) and at the Teatro de La Abadía, under the direction of José Luis Gómez (2002 -2004).

In the field of cultural management, He was part of the organizing team of Titirimundi- Segovia International Puppet Theater Festival (1992-2000) and the Segovia International Folk Festival (1990-2000).

In the informative and academic field, he has published in different magazines specialized in the theatrical and philological field, he has participated as a speaker in multiple seminars and conferences and he has given training workshops in Spain and abroad (Italy, Portugal, USA, Mexico , Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba...). Since 2015 she has also been part of the teaching team of the Master in Theater Creation directed by Juan Mayorga at the Carlos III University, in 2019 she was linked to the Master of Advanced Studies in Voice and Artistic Speech of the ITEM of the Complutense University and is a member Founder since 2013 of Fuentes de la Voz (Center for Research on Voice, Word and Verse), directed by Vicente Fuentes.

Throughout his professional career he has received different awards and has enjoyed two MAEC-AECID scholarships for artistic residency at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome with the projects: Italian influences on the birth of Spanish Renaissance comedy (2017/18) and Staging and popular tradition: the comings and goings of the puppet theater (2019/20). Likewise, she is a Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce, and has received throughout her professional career different awards such as the Critical Eye Award from Radio Nacional de España.