July 25, 2021

Ana Torroja, booed by the audience of 'OT' | TV

Ana Torroja, booed by the audience of 'OT' | TV

Photo: Ana Torroja, member of the jury of Operación Triunfo. Video: Moment of the boo to Ana Torroja. @GTRESONLINE

Ana Torroja has been booed tonight by the public of Triumph operation upon entering the set. The singer, member of the jury of this OT 2018, has had to listen to cries of disapproval after the controversy aroused by the word "mariconez" in the lyrics of the song Stay in Madrid, what Mecano published in 1988 within the album Sunday rest, and that now, in the edition of the TVE musical contest one of the contestants refused to sing. María Villar, participant in Operación Triunfo, justified her refusal because mariconez it is "a very homophobic insult" and asked to replace that word with "gilipollez", something that the direction of the contest authorized to do.

"In the song he says' they have seemed like a mariconez '. And I said that I'm not going to say mariconez because it is a very homophobic insult. Then they said they let us change it and put 'bullshit' in its place, which does not offend anyone except those who are assholes, "explained Maria Villar to another of the contestants. However, the Twitter account of OT He rectified hours later and assured that the original version of the lyrics will finally be sung. "José María Cano does not allow us to change that word," said Noemí Galera, director of the academy, to the contestants.

Torroja, on the other hand, had exploded in social networks, where he justified the lyrics and was also opposed to the modification of the lyrics: "Mecano, as a group, as each one separately, has always defended diversity, love free, freedom of expression and a long etc., and also has one of the most beautiful hymns ever written defending homosexual love: Woman against woman. Let's not confuse homophobic insult with colloquial expression. When the expression says: 'always the cariñitos have seemed like a mariconez ', means that always the love has seemed silly, stupid, stupid and even kitsch.

At the gala tonight, the public awaits Maria Villar's performance to listen if she finally sticks to the original lyrics or if she decides to ignore the word of the controversy. In front of her, in the jury, will be Ana Torroja listening.


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