Ana Rosa surprises with a compliment to Pedro Sánchez: "You have to admit it"

Ana Rose has started his program this week surprising viewers. The reason? The presenter, used to throwing darts at the government for different issues, came out this morning to praise Pedro Sanchez for a specific reason: the Diada in Catalonia with "much less affluence" of citizens in the streets.

Of course, the journalist has done it loaded with irony: "There is one thing that he has achieved Pedro Sanchez. You have to admit it. The souffle has been lowered and, above all, it has divided the independentistas. They are at odds with each other, "said the presenter about the division between the pro-independence parties." This has gone well for her, "she added.

However, Eduardo Inda, at the table of collaborators, has not wanted to agree with him and has spoken of what he is a great "problem": "The President of the Government has given a pardon to some gentlemen who have carried out a coup", has explained.

On the other hand, and before the meeting of the dialogue table on Catalonia, the presenter has been critical: "The table is a table of parties, with representatives of PSOE, PSC, Podemos, Ada Colau and the independentistas. The rest of the parliamentary parties do not exist. It is a table of matches", has affirmed.


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