Ana Rosa, stunned by Pedro Sánchez's interview on TVE: "You haven't vaccinated people!"

Ana Rosa criticizes Pedro Sánchez.

Ana Rosa criticizes Pedro Sánchez.

Pedro Sanchez granted this Monday an interview to Carlos Franganillo for the 'Telediario' of TVE, leaving several statements that have raised blisters among his detractors. 'The Ana Rosa program' has echoed what the president said in relation to vaccination in Spain: "Here we have vaccinated everyone, we have not asked their origin, their belief or who they voted for; here we have done a great exercise in patriotism and fraternity ".

After hearing his words, Ana Rose she was dumbfounded. For several seconds, the presenter was surprised and silent. "With the example of vaccinesYes, how are you going to ask what color they have or who they vote for, says that an exercise in patriotism and fraternity, Otherwise we all die, Mr. President!", he exclaimed.

"What does this mean? If I had the opportunity, would I have asked people who do they vote for?"reflected the presenter. One of the collaborators tried to justify Sánchez:" I understand that no, that he meant something else and expressed himself very badly. "However, he did not convince Ana Rosa:" Verbalize certain things ... they are there ".

The presenter finally broke out: "Sánchez, you haven't vaccinated people! The health workers have vaccinated them, Europe, the scientists who have invented vaccines ... "." It seems that Sánchez has been vaccinating all of us one by one. I do not know if you have been vaccinated, I have been vaccinated by a SAMUR health worker, "he added.


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