Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Ana Rosa reveals the meaning of her vote in the 10-N Elections

Ana Rosa Quintana He has lived a particularly busy morning with the presence of journalist Antonio Mestre, with whom he has had a strong confrontation following the appearance of posters with the faces of journalists in the streets of Barcelona those who were accused of being “information terrorists” about the you process sovereignist When the waters have calmed down, the presenter of Telecinco has asked her social partners where her vote and she has also revealed her intentions in General elections of the next 10-N.

"Have you already decided the vote?”, To raised before making it clear that I did not want to know the specific formation but rather to the political bloc to which they would give their vote this Sunday Juan de Val, husband of Núria Roca, said he said he had not decided but "I lean to the left side." TO
ntonio Maestre, who also had a controversy this week with Roca herself, has replied ironic: “I do. On the right".

Ana Rosa Quintana and Mayka Navarro

Ana Rosa Quintana and Mayka Navarro

Jorge Bustos He has changed the rules of the game a little and said that for him “it is more interesting to say who would you never vote for and I, for example, Pedro Sánchez, never ”. For his part, the journalist Eduardo Inda He has given more concrete clues about the meaning of his vote: “I am going to vote who can throw Sánchez de la Moncloa because it is a disaster and, by the way, I want to congratulate Pablo Iglesias because he has improved in personal cleanliness.”

When the turn of Ana Rosa Quintana, has entered the game of Busts and also she has said who did not intend to vote: “The truth is that I would not vote for any of the extremes. Neither the one on the right nor the one on the left ”. And to top it off he said that "we still have until Sunday and we can change our mind."

Until Sunday we can change our mind ”

In this way, the Telecinco presenter seems to have made it clear that nor give support to United We, or More Country, or Vox; the parties that are located at the ends of the ideological arc. So there would only be the PSOE, the PP or Citizens as political options that Ana Rosa Quintana would vote on Sunday 10-N.

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