Ana Rosa responds to the cries of "manipuladora" in a live from Barcelona

'Ana Rosa's program'It started this week from Barcelona, ​​after a group of pro-independence protesters gathered at the Liceu to protest the visit of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez.

The reporter Miquel Valls has reported in a live connection what was happening there: "The atmosphere is very heated. Hundreds and hundreds of independentistas are concentrated in the boulevard. "While the journalist tried to do his job as best he could, a group of people have tried to boycott his direct to the cry of" manipulative Spanish press. "

While Valls continued to report, an individual stood in front of the camera and began to shout, this time against Ana Rosa directly: "Ana Rosa, manipulative!Although the reporter has tried to ignore it, the presenter has remained silent and gave a thumbs up.

The driver has preferred to listen to the protester and when he has stopped, he has responded: "But we are putting the banners on him. What is this man complaining about? I understand it, they have the right to freedom of expression, "he said.


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