May 11, 2021

Ana Rosa responds to Pablo Iglesias’ attack: “You are a fascist, you are pointing at me and I have no bodyguards”

Ana Rosa Quintana responds to Pablo Iglesias

Ana Rosa Quintana responds to Pablo Iglesias

Ana Rosa has exploded again against Pablo Iglesias after the candidate of United we can he has named the Community of Madrid in his new interview in ‘La Ser’ with Angels Barceló. The one who was vice president until a few weeks ago has again criticized the media for “whitewashing Vox and let him participate in the discussions “.

Along the same lines, Iglesias has pointed towards Isabel Diaz Ayuso, which he considers “a more extreme right candidate than the extreme right”, and stated: “The serious thing is not that Mrs. Ayuso spreads the hoax (…), it is that if Ana Rosa Quintana is repeating it In a prime-time program, we have a far-right media spokesperson spreading lies as if that were normal in a democracy. ”

After seeing these images in her program, Ana Rosa addressed Iglesias himself: “Fascist is the one who points out those who think differently, that is not democratic … Mr. Iglesias, you are a fascist!“.” The rest of us are communicators, we have information and we tell what happens, “she said angrily, and later added:” I live in Madrid, in a normal house with my children, he’s pointing at me and I don’t have any bodyguards. ”


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