Ana Rosa, in favor of removing the masks in open spaces: "It's fine now, we have to move forward"

The presenter, Ana Rosa Quintana.

The presenter, Ana Rosa Quintana.

Today the news broke: the mask will no longer be mandatory outdoors as of June 26, a measure that will be approved in a council of ministers. Prior to this announcement, 'Ana Rosa's program ' has debated about ending the outdoor mask, after several communities announced that they preferred to wait and others that they would allow it in a short time.

Ana Rosa has been very in favor of this happening: "Look, in open spaces that's fine now!" "I think with common sense, telling people to wear it when they have a person near or when you enter a place ...", expressed the presenter.

The presenter believes that it is not necessary to use this accessory that has accompanied us for a year, for example "when you are walking down the street, in the field, on the beach ... In open spaces absolutely nothing happens, this is proven, I think we have to move forward a bit. "

"And the autonomous communities that understand that they must maintain them, that they do so", it expressed, although it also pointed out: "Seville down the street, at 44 degrees ...". "There are elderly people who wear a mask at 40 degrees and find it difficult to breathe," commented the collaborators.


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