Ana Rosa explodes before Fernando Simón for his words about AstraZeneca: "If you don't know, shut up"

Ana Rosa Quintana and Fernando Simón.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Fernando Simón.

The statements that Fernando Simon held at his last press conference are generating many reactions. One of the last has been that of Ana Rosa Quintana, who showed his anger after the director of CCAES said that the issue of choosing the second dose for people who had received AstraZeneca had been "used" by the media: "Is that I did not believe what I was hearing".

"Let's see, Simon, Is AstraZeneca paying me to give me the second dose as the European Medicines Agency says? What he said is very serious, that he is a health spokesman. (...) Well look, Simon, if you don't know, shut up, and if you do, explain it. Explain it, where are the lobbies, Where are the sponsors ... It's just that it's outrageous! ", the communicator demanded during this Tuesday in 'The Ana Rosa program'.

On the other hand, the journalist justified that citizens chose to complete the pattern with AstraZeneca, an option that she has also chosen to receive the second dose: "People are much smarter and say 'I'm going to wear this because that's what the European Medicines Agency says'. 40 million and there they are. "

To be more specific, Fernando Simón gave his opinion on the controversy that arose with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the Health recommendations on the second treatment regimen. Pfizer for those under 60 years of age after being asked at the press conference held this past Monday: "The issue of the second dose It has been used in many ways, by different political groups, lobbies that have interests, the media who have their own editorial line in addition to their determined sponsors ... "

"It has been used by many parties with different interests and that does not favor that the normal population has the ability to make an impartial decision or at least as aseptic as possible, free of factors that should not influence," said the epidemiologist and director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.


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