Ana Rosa confesses which vaccine she wants to receive after her first dose with AstraZeneca

Ana Rosa Quintana has wanted to show his opinion in one of the matters related to the coronavirus that these weeks It's on the table. The controversy around what will happen to people who, like the presenter, have already been vaccinated with a dose of AstraZeneca has made the journalist open up about which vial do you want to receive.

During the last installment of the Telecinco, Ana Rosa has spoken of the uncertainty that people live who are waiting for the authorities to determine if they will repeat the Oxford vaccine or if another pharmacist's one will be used. The communicator has taken the opportunity to be honest about what she prefers: "Because I already have the first one from AstraZeneca, let them give me the second one and my AstraZeneca."

The presenter of the magazine explained that she is not afraid of side effects: "Because when it touched me, there was already a doubt and they were removing it and it wouldn't be put on, and in the end they put it on us. In addition, he has acknowledged that he has felt very well after putting it on: "I am delighted and grateful. I want my second", has sentenced.

In relation to this matter, the program also wanted to analyze the travel package offers that include vaccines. "If not, Maldives is not a bad place to get the vaccine", The driver has jokingly expressed before the long wait to receive the second puncture.


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