Ana Rosa charges against ‘Save me’ and defends Irene Rosales: “It’s ridiculous”

Irene Rosales and Ana Rosa Quintana.

Irene Rosales and Ana Rosa Quintana.

This week, ‘Save me‘publicly denounced a possible new infidelity of Kiko rivera to Irene Rosales who also wanted to try ‘The Ana Rosa Program’. The presenter of the morning show of Telecinco wanted to position itself against the format of The TV Factory for accommodating testimonials with dubious credibility.

Ana Rose He expressed his opinion about the author of the confession of infidelity, who claimed to have seen Kiko Rivera in an affectionate tone with another woman: “It is decaffeinated. A film has been made that has neither head nor tail“. One of his collaborators also defended the couple:” That there is a marriage, that there is the husband, the wife, that she is talking … Well, the normal thing. What’s wrong, that I can’t talk to your husband? “, She explained, demonstrating

The presenter wanted to defend Irene Rosales criticizing the uproar that had arisen: “It is ridiculous“, commented loading directly with ‘Save me’ for accommodating this type of unsubstantiated content. In addition, he criticized the person who leaked the news: “There are people who want to take advantage of any situation.” “We have old women from the curtain everywhere“, he sentenced before the spectators of his program.


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