Ana Rosa, after Otegi’s words to the victims of ETA: “There is not much to celebrate”

Ana Rosa Quintana, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

‘The Ana Rosa program’ has analyzed this Tuesday the words of Arnaldo Otegi addressed to the victims of ETA. “We want to tell you from our hearts that we are deeply sorry for your suffering and we are committed to trying to mitigate it,” said the general coordinator of EH Bildu.

In the morning magazine of Telecinco, journalist Pilar Santos has asked that “that little step” be valued, but has insisted that “there is still a lot to do”. At that time, Ana Rosa has intervened in the debate to make her own opinion known.

“Spanish society, the security forces, political parties, relatives, victims and the dead have already finished with ETA ten years ago. ETA has not given up, with ETA it is over,” said the presenter.

For Ana Rose, Otegi’s gesture is due to the fact that he wants to “continue to be an honorable deputy.”You have to support the budgets of Pedro Sanchez. And for Pedro Sánchez it is very uncomfortable to have an Otegi sitting there who does not support him, “he added.

For its part, Javier Casqueiro recalled that “the budgets were already approved last year without taking this step”. “Which is better, yes, but I think there is not much to celebrate with Otegi”, has settled the presenter of Mediaset.


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