Ana Rosa, about the boos to Sánchez on October 12: “He goes very little to the streets”

Ana Rosa, at one point in her program.

Ana Rosa, at one point in her program.

‘Ana Rosa’s program’ has echoed today the boos received by Pedro Sánchez during the celebration of the parade for the October 12 °, day of the national holiday. The collaborators have shown different opinions about these insults towards the president, and the presenter herself has gotten wet about it.

The space has pointed out that his late appearance in the act seemed to try to coincide with the arrival of the kings and thus try to avoid such screams. “I think it is not the channel to demonstrate that discomfort” has pointed out one of the tertullians, who affirms that said insults “They show the division of society.” “Sánchez goes to the streets very little”, has suddenly pointed Ana Rose in a clear dart to the president. A talkative has pointed out that there is “a part of the citizenry that is very unhappy with the management of Pedro Sánchez.”

Most of the collaborators have been in favor of citizens exercising their right to freedom of expression. Meanwhile, Ana Rosa continued with the taunts: “Those who support the Government at this time are those who are not going to October 12 or to the Royal Reception, surprising. “

However, the journalist Javier Casqueiro has shown himself against this kind of event, which he defines as “a hooligan tradition”. “Of course those people do not represent me,” said the collaborator, who affirms that these performances “are causing a certain rejection of the party.”


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