Ana Penyas, first woman National Award of Cmic – The Province

Ana Penyas, first woman National Award of Cmic - The Province

Ana Penyas it has become the first woman to win the National Comic Award since its creation in 2007, something that the author understands that "dreams of the year in which we are" but with what is not so "optimistic". "I understand that something will change, but we will have to watch carefully the depth of the change," he added.

"That they have awarded the prize to a woman for the first time It sounds like the year we're here. It seems that 2018 is the year of women In all the institutions, I notice that there is something general, but I am not so optimistic: let's hope that the changes continue, but I see that it usually stays in the media, "the graphic novelist lamented in comments to Europa Press.

His winning work, 'We are all good', is in a way part of this "feminist claim", as recognized by the author, who gives voice through the memory to her two grandmothers -Herminia and Maruja-, who did "an invisible job" in the Spanish postwar period .

"For me this work supposes focus on the women of a specific generation that has been very traversed by the Franco regime, in women who have lived inside the houses taking care of others and doing this invisible work, "he explained, adding that it is a" vindication of his role in history. "

Penyas recalls that this 'forgetfulness' is still present in the current generation, where "older people are less valued, older women are even less and that taking into account that there is an aging population: it is a forgotten reality". The author puts the focus on the Transition to blame part of this 'invisibility' of women.

With humor, remember that his grandmother Herminia, who already said "feel famous" with the comic, "now going to hallucinate" -Maruja, with Parkinson's disease, "can not almost talk," he says sadly. Asked about what she will do with the prize money -30,000 euros- she has anticipated that it will allow her to "dispense with some orders and have a mattress, which is not bad living in Madrid", she concluded.


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