Ana Pastor: “Atresmedia is the place I want to be and I’m not moving from here”

Ana Pastor this past Monday shared a very special live show with Ricky García on his account Instagram Live. The journalist spoke with the director of YOTELE of the new season of ‘The Goal’, which returns this Wednesday to the sixth with important news, among many other issues.


  • “The good thing about that ‘The objective‘It is during the week is that, until the program begins and during its course, anything can happen “.

  • “(About him day change) It is a reflection that we made with the team and that we transferred to the chain. When we started in 2013, the media and political ecosystem was very different. There were almost no political talk shows and the news was focused on the weekend because we were coming from the Councils of Ministers, which was Friday. Now, it is true that the news occupies the whole week, but on Wednesdays and Thursdays it is much more powerful. ”

  • “The challenge is to see if we are able to combine current politics with that spirit of laSexta and that part of late night, opening to other voices and themes “.

  • “(On the section of Mental health) It is one of our jewels this season. Although the debate is there thanks to the millennial generation, it’s true that it needs a bigger boost. What we have done in ‘The objective’ is that a well-known person will tell their case and then an expert will tell us about the symptoms and how to prevent them “.

  • “(About the guests in the mental health section) I admire all of them a lot. Yesterday we were with Pastora Soler. Your interview is going to get a lot of attention. She explains very well (what happened to her) “.

  • “I have learned in these years to detect and listen to those alerts (that the body sends you), besides knowing how to stop and say no “.

  • “One of the good things about laSexta is that the feeling that if something happens, the chain is coming from drafting muscle “.

  • “Tomorrow we will premiere with Bob Pop, which was the section of ‘The subjective’. His way of transmitting what we are experiencing seems to me very successful ”

  • “Another novelty is’How we have changed‘, a section in which four people will analyze, through the newspaper library, whether or not we have improved as a country on various issues such as racism or homophobia. ”

  • “The pstrong of light and mental health is political, and people don’t disconnect from that. Of the politicking Yes”

  • “I think that he requirement level of the society with the politicians is greater “.

  • “Society demands more of us as journalists so we don’t miss a single one “.

  • “I am in the group that I have chosen to be in and I have not hesitated in recent years. I feel that he respects the work we do very much. Atresmedia It’s the place I want to be and I’m not moving from here. ”

  • “(On whether you have received a call from RTVE) They have not called me”.

  • “They have commissioned us a second season of ‘Women in football'”.

  • “‘59 seconds‘was my jump to television. It was an innovative format because at that time we came from debate more used to longer stories, and that has been improving. I think we have evolved for the better“.

  • “I’m a big fan of Ibai Llanos. Get a lot right in the messages and in certain topics. “

  • “It seems to me very good that Leo Messi give an interview to Jordi Évole on conventional TV and give him an Ibai. It does not seem incompatible to me. In any case, we should ask for more. ”

  • “People who don’t want to scream don’t even Twitter nor in life. Then, those are the people that I like


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