Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Ana Pastor and Martínez-Almeida engage in an argument

The inauguration of the Climate Summit held in Madrid Since Monday he has brought two familiar faces of television and politics to the fore. On the one hand, Ana Pastor, presenter of laSexta; on the other, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor from Madrid. Both have starred in a discussion through social networks after the mayor of Madrid praised the achievement of organizing the aforementioned event.

Something that has not sat well with the journalist and has not hesitated to make clear his position with a "square." From there, Pastor and Almeida have engaged in a discussion that has ended with a television invitation.

“It is a very important day for Madrid that has shown that it is capable of organizing an event like # COP25Madrid. We have to get close the circle started in Kyoto, followed by Paris and achieve an decisive Madrid agreement for the future and care of the environment”, Martínez-Almeida wrote on his Twitter account at the Climate Summit held these days in the Spanish capital.

The presenter of The objective has responded with a single word: “Squares”. An expression that implied that the mayor had radically changed his mind upon entering the mayor's office. Remember thatI wanted to eliminate the so-called Madrid Central, a measure promoted by Manuela Carmena to reduce pollution.

From there there has been a cross between the two. The mayor of Madrid has responded to the journalist with the following message: “This comment seems to me somewhat heteropatriarchal. Impropio, perhaps, of a pro feminist ”.

Then, Pastor has invited him to attend his LaSexta program to discuss this issue and many others. "When you want, you know we are waiting for you in @ObjectiveLaSexta to talk about Madrid, weather emergency and … ”, wrote the presenter who accompanied her message of a gif with the word "feminist".

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