Ana Obregón receives her Yago de Honor Award and Jordi Évole dedicates his to her

Madrid, Mar 23 (EFE) .- Jordi Évole, one of the winners of the Yago Award for the Irreducible of 2021 that was given to Spanish documentary filmmakers, dedicated his award to the recipient of the Yago of Honor, Ana García Obregón, to the that "this year of so few hugs, we all would have wanted to hug".

"The awards must be dedicated to people you like, who surprise you and who have accompanied you in your life even if they do not know it," said the journalist and communicator, who seconds before had revealed that his documentary on Pau Donés, " That which you give me ", he could not enter the Goya because he did not comply with one of the bases as it lasts 66 minutes instead of the 70 necessary to compete.

Évole was seated at the same table as the Madrid artist on the Yago night, which was held for the first time in the attic of the Genova Financial Center in Madrid, with all the necessary security measures to prevent the pandemic and with a capacity of 40 people.

It was the night of Ana Obregón, radiant with a dress of black sequins to match the mask, who lent herself with a great sense of humor to play with the host of the gala, Luis Fabra, to "give the bells" of the Yago in a papier-mâché clock, three months after reappearing on TVE to welcome the new year.

He was presented with the Yago "trumpet" by director Fernando Colomo, with whom he worked on "La vida alegre" (1987), who invited him to reflect on the participation of all film professionals in the winning projects of the Yago (directors , scriptwriters, choreographers ...), who also deserve to be named.

The actress, businesswoman and presenter thanked "these types of awards that are given with so much affection" because they were "helping her a lot" and added that "as the most beautiful thing about an award is to share it, I am going to share and dedicate it to my son, because wherever he is he will be happy. "

Juan Diego Botto received for "The Europeans" the Iago "Impepinable", which recognizes those who, having been nominated by the Academy, finally did not win any award -in his case, six times-.

Botto dedicated it to "those who keep traveling and losing and losing, but keep trying to get a better life", and especially to the two-year-old girl who died after not surviving her trip on the boat.

The actress Laura Gómez-Lacueva was also awarded the Yago for "Not nominated" for her work in "Lamentable Stories", and the dancer and choreographer Toni Espinosa with the "Not recognized" for the musical "Explode, explode", which He was presented with the protagonist of the film Ingrid García-Jonson and that he dedicated to Sara Martín, his right hand and choreographer assistant, and the 91 dancers who participated in the project.

El Yago a "Los Irreductibles", awarded to the Spanish documentary, was given to a selection of some of the best works of 2020: "The man who designed Spain", collected by Miguel Larraya and Andrea Bermejo, "Dear Werner", Pablo Maqueda and Haizea G. Viana, and "Anatomy of a Dandy", Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega.


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