Ana María Bordas, new director of Entertainment and Outreach at RTVE

The journalist Ana María Bordas has been appointed the new Director of Entertainment and Outreach of RTVE, an area dependent on the General Contents department led by Amalia Martínez de Velasco.

Bordás was until now responsible for International Projects of TVE Head of Spanish Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest and vice-president-elect of the TV Committee of the European Radio and Television Union, a body in which she has recently been re-elected for a third term.

He has fully developed his professional career at RTVE, where he entered the opposition in 1984 as a journalist, specializing in political and social issues and was a correspondent for Radio Nacional de España in Washington (USA).

Throughout her career she has held different management positions, such as Director of Programming of TVE, director of La 2, director of RTVE in Catalonia; Director of Communication of TVE in Catalonia; director of Radio Nacional de España in Catalonia (she was the first woman to hold this position) and director of RNE News in Catalonia. Previously, she was a news editor and editor at RNE in Catalonia and at Radiocadena Española.


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