August 7, 2020

Ana Mara Aldn reveals why she does not defend Roco Flores

Ana Mara Aldnis back in the focus of the controversy in ‘Survivors’ and again it is because of areproach of Roco Flores. Antonio David Flores’ daughter has blamed him for not defending her in his last confrontation with Elena. Why does Ana Mara never come out in defense of her partner?

“Is she calling me old woman with the net curtain and are you all silent? Then I have to stand up for people and here no one stands up for me. I don’t feel like it. Ana Mara if you were being left a liar, a strategist , if you want to reach the final and that you are an ‘old woman with the net curtain’, you will not take it in the same way, “the young contestant reproached her colleagues,especially to Ana Mara for the family bond that unites them.However, Aldn has explained herself with Roco shedding light on the reason why she has not come to her defense at any point in the program, not even when Yiya called her a ‘walrus’.

When it is believed that no one was seeing or listening to her, Ortega Cano’s wife explained to Roco:“I don’t have your ability. I don’t know what you’re arguing about.I can not even with myself. Relax a little Roco. We are going to the final, “demonstrating that conflicts affect her a lot and that is why she has tried to avoid them throughout the contest.” There are times when I block myself, I cannot even defend myself. Each one who becomes aware of what they have done in the contest, I will also do it. In real life I am like that too, “Ana Mara explained when asked byJordi Gonzlez, and demonstrating his support for Roco, he has nominated Elena in the hope of: “Let’s see if I can cheer Roco up a bit because he will miss Ivana a lot. I know thatthe family will be very proud that we reach the final together, good that we are together. Being a finalist is not so important but it is very beautiful for my family, for my husband. I’m not the one with the most support, “she admits.

Ana Mara Aldn explains her beginnings with Gloria Camila

Another of the reasons why Ana Mara has been largely the protagonist of the ‘Survivors’ debate has also been for talking about her relationship withGloria Camilaafter it was speculated that it was not as good as they wanted to sell.

In ‘See you again’ Gloria Camila herself recognized that at the beginningit cost him to accept his father’s new partner, something most normal in your circumstances. “She was the princess of the house, her father was for her … No girl could have sat well with her. I got pregnant at three months, she is very strong,” recalls Ana Mara with her peers, assuring that: “You had to earn the place and the space.”

But unlike what Kiko Jimnez affirms, Ana Mara assures that todaythe relationship is the best between the two: “Now I have no problem with her, she loves me and respects me a lot, so much so that she is on the plate defending me,” he says.


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