Ana Label sings to the emotional tsunami of motherhood in 'Nobody ever tells us' - La Provincia

Ana Label, the musical project of the Gran Canaria artist Ana Beltrá, launches her new song No one ever told us in the framework of Mother's Day, where he narrates the silenced experiences of the first maternal stage and distorts in a parodic key some myths and ideals associated with motherhood. Further, as you already did with your previous topic I want to be an influencer girl, the artist accompanies the launch with a video clip starring herself. "I have recorded it entirely in my house while my children are homeschooling," reveals the artist from her family confinement.

"On lactation nights, disoriented and overwhelmed by the emotional tsunami that was leading to the entrance of motherhood, I wrote this song", Beltrá pointed out the day of its launch. "To the sound of a rumba and in a humorous key, I release this song to share my truth. The truth about the first maternal stage. A period that I can summarize as" revealing ". Enjoy, dance it and send it to all the MOTHERS you can feel the same".

With this release, the artist continues to promote her musical project Ana Label, which premiered with a first EP last summer of 2019, titled No one ever told me, Composed of six songs of his own, between rumba and bossa, motherhood and protest, and which he has performed live in different cultural spaces in Gran Canaria. Along with this musical aspect, Ana Beltrá is an outstanding painter and the backbone of his plastic work gravitates on themes such as nature, loneliness, chaos and entropy.


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