Ana Julia told "something different" each time she narrated the death of her daughter to her family

Ana Julia told "something different" each time she narrated the death of her daughter to her family

Ana Julia Quezada, the author confessed of the death of the child Gabriel Cruz, told "something different" each time she told how the accident occurred in which her daughter lost her life after falling from a seventh floor, according to an uncle of the researched .

This is recorded in the summary of the case followed by the murder of the child, consulted by Efe, in reports from the Armed Institute in which this body reports to the Court of Instruction number 5 of Almeria for inquiries about the life of the woman investigated in Burgos, where he lived for more than two decades.

In this case, it was the husband of an aunt of Ana Julia who contacted the Armed Institute directly after the arrest of the woman to "talk about episodes in his life that had caught his attention".

He said that on March 6 or 7, 1996, he had received a call from Ana Julia in which he told them that his little daughter, who had just been brought from the Dominican Republic, had fallen through the window of a seventh floor.

The man stressed that then the "lack of empathy with what happened" of Ana Julia was striking, adding that shortly after, she spent three or four days in her house in Lerma (Burgos).

"Several times he told what happened with his daughter but every day told something different: in one version he said that the window was open, in another he said it was closed …", said this witness, who added that he and his wife It was "weird", but the judge said that "it had been an accident and that's how it stayed".

She also referred to Ana Julia's sentimental relationships, pointing out that after separating from her husband, she had started a relationship with a widower who lived in Burgos with her children.

"They had been together for three or four years and Ana Julia tried to marry him when she was practically on the deathbed, in the hospital, and the family prevented it," she said, adding that this man had cancer and had to frequently go to a hospital. .

However, the uncle of Ana Julia moved to the Benemérita that this man put in her name the rent of a bar, a rock, in Burgos in which the researched worked almost two years.

She posited that about a month before the death of this man, Ana Julia was operated on for a breast augmentation, an intervention that her partner paid for.

"In those days, also signed (the man) life insurance consisting of only beneficiary Ana Julia," said the uncle of the researched, who specified that it would have received "about 25,000 euros" and was reported by a daughter of his partner .

In this sense, he argued that the children of the deceased had a "debt in installments of the breast operation" and that this is why they denounced the woman, as well as for "appropriating several jewels" from her father, although she maintained that I did not know the result of the accusations because the relationship with Ana Julia broke down at that time.

He specified that this man had also paid for the entrance to a house in the Dominican Republic registered only in his name.

He defended that the deceased was "infatuated with her and gave everything that Julia asked" and said they stopped talking to her because "they did not like what she had done", which, added to previous frictions, led to an argument between his wife and Quezada.

The uncle of the detainee for the death of Gabriel also explained that when working in the bar in Burgos, Ana Julia met a man who had been operated on throat cancer and "got him to give him approximately 16,000 euros", made by those who "was denounced by the family of this man and lost his mind."

Finally, when asked about the character of Quezada, said that it is a "person lacking empathy, especially with the death of the daughter, who told it as who had broken an old plate. , as without feelings. "


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