Ana Gabriela Molina, the Mexican "miss" who has no arms

With falls and emotional setbacks in her life, Ana Gabriela Molina, a woman with a diagnosis of bilateral amelia (absence of upper limbs), was crowned Miss Nanchital, her hometown, and now seeks to be the beauty queen of the western Mexican state from Veracruz.

The Miss Veracruz contest will be held from March 3 to 18, when Ana Gabriela, 24 years old and winner of the local contest in the Veracruz oil municipality where she was born, will be measured to contestants from various regions.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity they are giving me, it is the first time that a person with disabilities is accepted and I feel very proud," says the young woman with a perfectly made-up face and that has become the sensation in social networks.

He was born with bilateral amelia, so he learned to lead a life without arms or hands. He taught his lower extremities to take between his fingers, spoons and all kinds of accessories that allowed him to eat, study and carry his "normal" way in his daily life.

"I have made my life like any other person, I have a disability because when I look in the mirror it is a visual physical disability, however I am 24 years living with it and I have learned to live my life like any other person," he says.

In the small town of Nanchital, with intense heat and smell of oil, Ana Gabriela offers talks of self-improvement, works as a living dummy and also demonstrates that everything can be done regardless of personal conditions.

"There are no limits, life goes on. I have had several falls and trips, however I have risen because life goes on and I have learned to live with my disability and I have learned that my disability is not a limit, it is the greatest thing", ensures.

The videos of her day to day, in which she is observed eating her legs, circulate in social networks as a sample of the motto "yes, it is possible" that the Mexicans adopted to face adversities.

"I fight a lot for inclusion, for people to be taken equally either for their condition, for some disability, for their physical and that is my purpose: to give that message that everything is included, that everything be the same," he says.

Ana Gabriela considers it necessary for everyone to be respected for what she is and not for her beauty or how she looks. In addition, she feels safe to face the rest of the representatives of various municipalities in Veracruz.

"In the contest I will go through the same thing. They will evaluate me in the same way as all the others and the winner will represent the national in Miss Mexico," says this graduate in Psychology, who understood that there were no limits to achieve her dreams .

Next to other contestants in the region, rehearse how to walk on the catwalk with the recommendations that every "miss" must take into account: a natural smile, fresh and natural attitude and especially a positive attitude.

Ana Gabriela requires the help of family, friends or close people for some of the activities, such as putting on the band that identifies her as Miss Nanchital who proudly wears along with prom dresses.

The applicant admits that society has shown progress in inclusion, but still "is missing and I think that is where we must continue working, more education, education at home, instilling children that we are all equal."

In his daily life, denim, tennis and beach trousers are part of his outfit with which he is seen on the streets and avenues of his hometown, whose authorities have expressed their full support and expect him to achieve the crown of Miss Veracruz.


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