Ana Botn: “Banks have not evicted since 2012” – La Provincia

The President of Banco Santander, Ana Botín, has defended the role that the entity has played in resolving the last major financial crisis in the country, while doingLusion to the responsibility of banks in advising their clients about the risks they take when investing their savings.

This was stated by the board during their participation in the television program ‘Planet Calleja’, in which he traveled to Greenland with the adventurer and presenter Jesús Calleja to know in first person the effects of climate change in one of the areas of the planet most affected by this problem.

Booty has reviewed some of the crucial moments of her personal and professional life, including her career at Santander since 1988, when she joined to lead the expansion in Latin America, before her term as president of Banesto and his subsequent reinstatement at Banco Santander, first as head of the business in the United Kingdom and then as president of the group.

Ana Botín has affirmed that the entity “has contributed to solve the financial crisis” and that the banks “have not evicted anyone since 2012“, while saying that the bank has to be aware of how it advises its clients of the risks they assume when they invest.

“Take action”

Regarding his mission in the entity, Botín has indicated that the most special part of his work “is to be able to change the lives of many people” through an impact that he considers “enormous”. “The most rewarding thing is to get people to take action, to go from talking to doing, which is the most difficult“, has added.

Among the other topics he has dealt with Jesús Calleja is personal and professional motivation, about what he pointed out that “if you think about failure you are sunk “, remembering that he has been working since he was 21 years old and that he has gone through many stages. “The problem is when you suddenly get to a position; taking a big leap in anything is not good because there are things you have not been able to assimilate,” he said.

Feminism and climate change

He has also dedicated part of the program to talk about feminism, something that he considers to be “supporting equal opportunities”: “I say: you look at what I have done and try to judge me according to what I have done, not if I am white or black, male or female, “he explained.

In this sense, Botín has been surprised that there are some people “of certain levels” who question that she can be a feminist.

On climate change, the president of Santander has made it clear that the data “is irrefutable”, that climate change “is happening” and that the “Man is the one who is accelerating it.”

Finally, regarding digitalization and the transformation of the economy, Botín has told Calleja that Europe “was a winner” in the industrial revolution, but that neverthelesss China and the United States, which are doing so in the digital revolution so far.


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