June 20, 2021

Ana Bernal-Triviño denounces serious threats: “What university are you at to burn it with you inside?”

The journalist, Ana Bernal-Triviño.

The journalist, Ana Bernal-Triviño.

Rocío Carrasco has earned the support of half the country by explaining in detail the episodes she lived through since her separation from Antonio David Flores. Some viewers defend her absolutely, while there are some detractors of her testimony. Before the end of ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’, in which Blas Cantó, Gjon’s Tears and Barbara Pravi will meet again, Ana Bernal-Triviño, participant of the debate, wanted to share some of the hateful messages from those who go against the protagonist of the docuseries

In his social networks he has published some of the insults and threats that come to him constantly, as he has assured in his Twitter profile: “An example, only one, of what I receive”, he has confessed along with several disqualifying conversations.

Some of the attacks received came from accounts with hardly any followers from which they launched all kinds of atrocities such as: “You are sad. Rebellious. Stay at home with your lover Pablo Iglesias, who have lost.” “Tell me in which university you teach to burn it with you inside. You do not represent feminism or women”, they were other of the directs of Instagram that could be distinguished. The publication has not been slow to fill with expressions of support in favor of the journalist, researcher and collaborator.


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