October 26, 2020

Ana Beln and ‘Ojete Calor’ faces the viral ‘Resistir’ – La Provincia

Since the confinement began when the State of alert was decreed before the serious crisis of the coronavirus, there are many artists who have wanted to encourage all citizens with their songs, encouraging us to go out on the balconies to sing and with a cry of hope. Among all these songs ‘I will resist’ has become a hymn of struggle and hope, becoming the soundtrack of the daily life of many, and the whip of many others.

As an alternative for all those who are fed up with the mythical ‘I will resist’ and who can no longer bear to hear it on their streets and social networks, the fun group Ojete Calor has decided to cover another mythical song from Spanish discography, this is Agapimú.

But the duo formed by Carlos Areces and Aníbal Gómez are not alone, at their initiative The singer who popularized the song during the last century has joined: Ana Belén.

A vaccine was necessary for this viral and extremely infectious plague that is “I will resist”. If you were up to your feet, like us, for example, here comes the new balcony song with which to fight back against your neighbors, “the Electropop group begins by explaining in their presentation.

“In 1979 we were happier. Not because of the recent democracy, but because Ana Belén popularized a wonderful theme by Mia Martini, with original Greek lyrics and an inspiring title:” Amor Mío “, Agapi Mu. Amidst bell bottoms and carded buds -they would never proceed-, the theme was a glow of hope at the end of that uncertain tunnel that was the human race in the early 80’s. Never was a melody so beautiful nor a more subnopop lyrics. Absorbed by a tsunami of optimism, the song embarks us on an ethereal ocean liner (because it is weight that does not weigh) towards horizons of an unusual happiness and great mystical purity (like that of snow when it snows). In quarantine, Ojete Calor we feel a moral obligation to rescue her and light the way with her again. Waiting for the cure of the Covid-19 will be better the more Agapimú there is in your life, “explain the artists who have created this new version after launching their new work on all platforms in streaming and with a video clip typical of the times of confinement, from home and through a video call.


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