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He is in full eruption, he confesses, he lowers his turtleneck and shows me his chest devoured by a rash of itchy welts just looking at them. They left him at dawn, sure, because last night he wore his legendary collarbones in the air with a neckline boat neckline in The Hormiguero, where he went to sell, sorry, promote, his first 11 new songs in 11 years. In it he continues today at the headquarters of his record company, where a pilgrimage of journalists we wait to interview him. The majority could be his children -and mine- and they apply to ask him about his political-artistic background and the current crazed state of affairs. One, half for generational solidarity, half for laziness, decides to pull down the street in between.

What's new, old?

Well, a new work and new energies. That's why I'm living food. I somatize the worm. Juan says, Joan Manuel Serrat, that we are sensitive material. I work with emotions, with what is inside, and see how I have put myself.

For you are the living stamp of the strong and sure woman.

Facade. I know that I am not, what happens is that life, and I have lived a lot, has put me in situations in which I have had to be. When you are young, you feel very brave of pure unconsciousness. But I am naturally afraid, insecure, I have a hard time, nothing is easy for me. I head butt myself because I know where I want to go, but I do not arrive.

When it gives you the downside, pulls file to come up?

No, I think they have made a mistake in choosing me, that I do not serve, that at what time I said yes. Until one day, suddenly, you see an aciertito, a crack, you are pulling the thread and, when you see the road, you leave five feet from the ground.

Cyclothymic pelin...

Thanks to life

Pilar Cuesta (Madrid, 1951), Ana Belén for the XX and XXI century, sings new notes after 11 years pulling repertoire. 'Vida', his record, is a cocktail of sound candies by Drexler, Rozalén, Sabina and, of course, Víctor Manuel, made to the measure of his privileged throat.

Much. Within days, during the day, I can feel the fried chicken queen and a trapeze in the deepest well. Over the years I have learned to deal a little with that and I am pulling. My friend Jesús del Pozo, when he was very successful, said: 'Ana, we have deceived you again'. The same happens to me.

Their songs, being new, speak of opening walls and giving thanks to life, as they did years ago. Do you revisit yourself?

Yes a little bit. Who does not revisit their classics? These are the issues in which I recognize myself, those that have shaped me as I am now. Yes, in the end we are always singing the same song. Change the rhythm, the language, but I always sing the same thing.

There are 60,573 Ana Belén in Spain. What fault do you have?

Some, because Ana Belén put it to me my producers and before it was not a common name. I have funny stories. A friend of the theater, Víctor, confessed to me that his name was Victor Manuel, and his sister, Ana Belén, who already has a crime. So yes, many Ana Belenes are victims of mine.

How much is your highly praised skeleton assured?

For nothing, what nonsense. But yes, they have told me a lot. Once, a photographer's friend, talking about the gravity and how everything is falling all over time, he told me: you have good bones and you are going to put up with it. Well, I do not know, girl, but this is what there is.

Girl, lady, ... how does one think of herself at 67?

As what I am: a woman. It is true that the 70 now are not the same as before. But I go out to walk every day, and I see many beautiful women of my age, who take care of themselves, healthy. The youngest run, we walk, but we are on the same track.

Dry off: my younger colleagues have been brewing political questions and will be fed up with getting wet.

LOL. I understand that they are curious, and that we are in a time in which there is to be defined. But, with the age I have, and now that they have my past with a mouse, many of my answers are obvious. I do not mind getting wet. I did not shut up when you could not talk, I'm not going to shut up now. But there I do feel impostor. I'm not a political scientist. I do not represent a profession, nor a generation, nor anyone else but myself, and I am very modest.

Put to be modern, you were more than many of them.

I do not know. We had to live very strong things, and we took to the streets, so I think I have been modern. And it also seems to me that some sectors of young people are going backwards, in machismo, in couple relationships. and that pisses me off a lot. And I say more: something we will have done wrong those of my generation for this to happen.

Tell me what you are going to buy on Black Friday.

Nothing at all. I have clothes to spend the rest of my life making arrangements. And in the end you always go with the black sweater and the jeans that you feel good with and that you feel comfortable with.

I say this because with 50 years of career and the same type, your wardrobe background will be a chasm.

I have wonderful costumes, prototypes that Jesus made on my body and then personalized. They are real treasures, not only for their beauty, but for the emotion that my friend transmitted to me.

And they still fit, of course.

No or yes. But not anymore. There are things that you know you can not keep putting even if they fit you. And for that the best thing is to look in the mirror and get rid of the defects. There is no one like you for that. And if not, my friends and I are sworn to give us a slap if we see one day making a fool of ourselves. Not to mention my daughter who is the supreme judge.

Will act again alone, without the cloak of Victor Manuel or his friends. Are you worried about not knowing how many people will be on the other side?

Much. I depend on others, I depend on my taste, if I reach the public, and that is neither bought nor sold. I know I'm not a rookie, I have a tour, but, oysters, when you see an empty theater, or an empty auditorium, it will be filled, they will come, they will stay there, I will be interested. The same have gone with another.

Would he be jealous?

If I do not know, but, what if I find out? I prefer not to think about it.


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