April 13, 2021

'Ana (also forgetting us) 'chooses four Max Awards – The Province

'Ana (also forgetting us) 'chooses four Max Awards - The Province

The production of the Fábrica Unahoramenos Ana (also forgetting will take us), was selected to four categories of the XXII edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards 2018-2019, whose awards will be presented on May 20 at an official gala to be held at the Calderón theater in Valladolid.

Concretely, the Gran Canaria assembly chooses the categories of better theatrical authorship, valuing the work of the dramaturgy of Irma Correa; to the best address, signed by Mario Vega; to the best scenic space, also by Mario Vega, and the best lighting, designed by Ibán Negrín.

Ana (also forgetting will take us) is inspired by Ibsen's Nora and her Doll's House and in the Tristana by Benito Pérez Galdós to address a drama of women who are consumed in the space of their insipid and leaden existence and that in this production is located in the dull Spain of the sixties, drawing a bridge between then and now.


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