January 24, 2021

An unimaginable World Cup

An unimaginable World Cup

The lights of Qatar illuminate this weekend the start of an unimaginable MotoGP World Championship. It is difficult to think of a season more exciting than the one that is about to begin and that will run along nineteen races with a calendar exactly like last year. The calendar sheets have not changed, but the level and the attractive ingredients have increased. The first will be to see in action the most powerful team ever created and that is the "dream team" formed by Márquez and Lorenzo. Two of the best riders of all time will share the Repsol Honda box, something like Real Madrid or Barcelona on two wheels. They are nine world titles in the same garage and the clear objective of fighting for the World Championship that is delivered in November in Valencia. Marc did not put vetoes in the election of his new companion after the retirement of Pedrosa, but it is clear that Jorge is going to be a bone much harder than the one that was Dani in the last times.

It will be a small championship between the two Spaniards within the real one and in which it increases the list of serious rivals to discuss the crown. Marquez said yesterday at Losail that his shoulder injury is forgotten and that he can focus on driving. A very good news for the fans and the worst possible for the rest of pilots, who are already aware that the operation on the shoulder is not going to be a drag on the search for the fourth consecutive title of 93. Yes, you can weigh Lorenzo the lack of experience with the Honda, although I assure in the previous one of the first free practice today that the adaptation process will be much shorter than with the Ducati. He has also been injured in winter, but he has plenty of talent and stubbornness to be quick from the start with his new colors. Beyond this dream team that is the Repsol Honda, what most shines is the red color of Ducati, that if last year they went fast, in preseason they have shown that they are airplanes. Dovizioso is the strong man of the Italians and, in theory, the best candidate for the title after the absolute dominator named Marc. Dovi sees up to five favorites to the title and this means putting in this select group the two official Yamaha. Rossi has admitted without cutting that the last two courses "have been somewhat lost", but he also knows that now the M1 are a little better.

Valentino's main handicap is his identity card, which is already 40 years old, but he has the formula so that this does not weigh him down. "Everyone says I'm old, but the best thing is not to listen to it, because if you do, you'll believe it," he said in Qatar, ready for the first official photo of the course. It is true that today is not part of the main favorite, but always finding a way to be competitive. If the Yamaha works, which seems to be the case, the first pilot of the three tuning forks should be Viñales, who has changed his number and many things around him to cut with all the bad omens that surrounded him. He has put the number 12, the one that looked as a child when he won to Márquez in the children's competitions.

Behind these magnificent new five, the first thing that appears are the impossible curls of Álex Rins, who during the winter has confirmed what he said in the last races of 2018. The Suzuki has taken several steps forward with him and even Márquez includes him between the possible candidates to win the first race this Sunday in Losail. "If people put me among the favorites it's because I'll have done something right.

It's obvious that I'm going for the title, that's why we're here. The one who does not think about that that is dedicated to the marbles ", launched Rins, who is also showing lately that character that many missed. He is one of those who will animate this World Cup never seen before.


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